“Debra Huse takes a loving look at the quintessential California lifestyle: the beaches, boats, gardens, and people, all partaking of the "good life"
in the Golden State. An astute observer of everyday life, Debra presents her subjects immersed in the unique light and warmth of
coastal Southern California. A true "plein air" painter, her paintings are direct and honest views of what is all around her.”              
-Mr. Jean Stern, Art Historian, Author and Lecturer


About Debra

Born & Raised: Indianapolis, IN

Studio: A Marina in Newport Beach, CA

Gallery: Debra Huse Gallery, 229 Marine Ave. 
Balboa Island, CA 92662 www.debrahusegallery.com

Favorite Book: Two Years Before the Mast

Family: Husband Randy Ressel

Transportation: 43’ Santa Barbara Sportfishing Boat. 


Artist’s Statement

I’ve been blessed with the talent of seeing and the passion for painting. Oil is such a luscious medium. Applying lots of paint - moving it around and carving out areas is fascinating. As a contemporary plein air colorist, I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, the poetry of the atmosphere, and the notes of colorful light with the spontaneity and energy of a painter intrigued. Not painting is not an option.


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Scholarships and Bachelor Degree