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"Color Secrets" Workshop

Explore new ways to paint white using color and discover alternatives to grey in shadows. 

  • Learn the art of mixing color while perfecting value
  • Learn how to warm up color and how to cool it down
  • Learn how to neutralize a color and show it off with its' compliment
  • Learn how to use color to create depth and atmosphere
  • Learn how to conquer clouds, skies, water, mountain & fields

This workshop will take place indoors in a very comfortable setting for beginning and intermediate painters. 9AM-4PM

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Tution: $550

Click here to register.

Supply List available at Dick Order all your supplies online. 

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  • Ivory Long Flats size 2,4 & 6, --11” handles
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Earlier Event: March 14
"Focus on Value" Workshop