Big, Bold Basics Supply list

Palette Colors:

Paint inlc MV on wood horizontal.JPG

Gamblin Cadmium Lemon Yellow, 37ML
Gamblin Quinacridone Red, 37ML
Gamblin Raw Sienna, 37ML
Gamblin Alizarin Permanent, 37ML
Gamblin Ultramarine Blue, 37ML
Gamblin Viridian, 37ML
Gamblin Chromatic Black, 37ML
Gamblin Titanium White, 150ML

Additional Suggested Color:
HUSE HUES, Marine Violet - click here to purchase (custom created paint by Debra)



Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (Debra uses no other mediums)


Rosemary & Company offers 2 sets of my brushes

Debra Huse Basics Set - click here to purchase. Two sets would be ideal.
Debra Huse Extended Set - click here to purchase. Not necessary unless you are a bit more advanced.
This set includes the Basic set and a few more of my favorite brushes.

Recommended Alternate brushes (if not using Debra's recommended Rosemary Brushes)
Simmons Signet Flat, size 7
Simmons Signet Flat, size 4
Simmons Signet Flat, size 2
Simmons Signet Bright, size 4
Zen Brush Series 73/Script

Linen Panels:

(3) - 6x8 linen panels - New Traditions Art Panels are my choice for fine quality and excellent service. I really enjoy the C13 linen for its slippery but slightly textured surface. Click here to purchase.

(1) - 8x10 panel - for color wheel exercise (inexpensive canvas panel will be fine, linen panel not necessary)

Other Supplies:

Tissues or paper towel (Debra prefers using tissue to clean)

Medium/Brush washer container - Holbein,  Richeson or Newton 

Touch Twin Brush Markers, Greys - Set of Six


Kemper Wipe Out Tool