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and some are only recommended, so anything you do not want to purchase you just change the amount to 0.

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MARINE VIOLET cropped.jpg

MARINE VIOLET is specially formulated by Debra Huse to "keep you out of trouble" with purple. Out of the tube, it is a great, cool dark. With the addition of white, it is a great, neutral violet. It won’t go toward pink when mixed with white. What color is white in shadow? -this color! (when a bit of white is added). Click here to purchase. 


EdgePro Gear - Plein air

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EdgePro Gear is a family owned American business solely dedicated to providing superior equipment
for the upcoming, professional and serious artist.

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Rosemary & Co. are makers of the finest handmade brushes. They have created 2 sets of Debra's favorite brushes.
Click these green links TO PURCHASE the DEBRA HUSE BASICS SET and the Debra Huse Extended Set

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Randy Higbee Gallery of Frames has a special selection called HUSE Click HERE to purchase these beautiful 6x8 frames & Linen Panels.

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Tim Giles is an artist and owner/manufacturer of this great panel product. He is easy to work with,prompt and the panels are always perfect.
I love the #13 Claussens Linen mounted on Gatorfoam. It is slippery yet textured and makes painting a joy.

Click HERE to shop and tell TIM that Debra Huse sent you!


Art Cocoons – handle wet paintings with ease!
Tell them Debra Huse sent you for a special case discount.

FireShot Capture 60 - Art Cocoon – The Original Individual Wet P_ - http___myartcocoon.com_shopcart_.png

If you are looking for an efficient, economical and compact solution for wet paintings, you’ll love ART COCOON. Handling, carrying and storing wet paintings is so much easier with Art Cocoons. And you’ll find that you spend more time painting and less time cleaning up.

Simply set your panel in the Art Cocoon Individual Wet Panel Carrier and start painting. Paint right to the edge of the panel, there are no tabs or holders to get in the way. All done? Leave the painting in the carrier and cover with the raised lid. Compact, stackable storage saves space and protects paintings while drying.