Huse Hues Oil Paint Colors


The Key Colors On Debra Huse “Keep You Out Of Trouble” Palette

Introducing Brand New HUSE HUES Oil Colors Signal Flag Red & Anchor Green to compliment our extremely popular Marine Violet!
These are all the colors Debra has hand mixed on her palette for each painting session for 20 years- now in tubes!
They are the workhorse colors which run out first because they are so versatile.

Marine Violet has been specially formulated by Debra Huse to "keep you out of trouble" with purple. Out of the tube, it is a great, cool dark. With the addition of white, it is a great, neutral violet. It won’t go toward pink when mixed with white. What color is white in shadow? -this color! (when a bit of white is added).
Marine Violet is MAGIC. It works in skies, clouds, water, distant hills & rocks. It is always the first color to run out on my palette. It even makes great greens when mixed with Yellow or Orange.

Signal Flag Red has been specially formulated to include a bit of white. This is key. Reds, when applied right out of the tube are not as lively as any reds or oranges that have a bit of white mixed in. This allows them to look “sunlit”. This is something Debra discovered while painting and it holds true. The problem many artists have is wanting to use it straight from the tube with hopes of it looking intense. Often it looks heavy and darker in value rather than a sunlit red or orange and it sticks out as looking amateurish. 

When adding white, which lightens and cools red and orange you cannot get the vibrant color back. Debra shows how to do this in her workshops, but the really cool thing about Signal Flag Red is that it is already formulated to hold it’s intensity AND feel sunlit at the same time. This red orange hue feels sunlit in color and value and takes red into the sun, even when lightened to a very light value, it stays warm and does not go cool pink. This is a very difficult color to mix yourself.

Signal Flag Red is great to add a bit into light grey clouds. It helps them to stand out from the blue sky. Add a little more for sunset or sunrise skies. Use it for the “Glow Zone" of a distant land mass near sunset or sunrise. 

Since this red has a transparent yellow pigment mixed in, it can be used to warm up HUSE HUES Anchor Green, in various values,without going grey as a cooler red would. Signal Flag Red has been specially developed to “Keep You Out Of Trouble” when painting. 

Anchor Green has been specially formulated by Gamblin Oils for HUSE HUES. Green is a trouble maker! When made with the usual Ultramarine Blue or Cobalt Blue and Lemon Yellow it is too intense and needs to be reigned in.

If the artist uses Viridian Green, again it is too intense and not a realistic green. Debra uses Gamblin’s beautiful Chromatic Black and Cad Lemon Yellow to get a tamed dark green on her “Keep You Out of Trouble” Palette. 

It is made to give the artist a wonderful warm, really dark, beautiful earthy green. Also a great “scrub in” green so you can see into the dark value scrub-in. Lighten with white for cooler greens mix with white and/or yellow, orange or signal flag red for beautiful warm greens. From really dark to light values this is a very versatile green that you will love.