COURSE 1: Big, Bold Basics
COURSE 2: Light Shadow Atmosphere
Course 3: Unlocking Color Secrets

The FIRST OF A SERIES of online courses to help you think and PAINT LIKE A PRO!. 
Finally! Simple and thorough insight to key painting fundamentals. 

 Purchase AND begin the first course Big, Bold Basics today. 
You will receive special pricing on the next two courses that will be launching this spring.

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What's in the Big Bold Basics course?

You're invited into Debra's classroom as she guides students through the fundamentals of painting in a fun and exciting way.

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Lesson 1: Value, Light & Form

Big Bold Basics is all about understanding the facts of painting. 
"What is Value, light & form"? How does it work & why is it so important? Learn to actually see, understand & apply these most fundamental KEY concepts.


Lesson 2: Color Creates Magic

Debra dives deeper into understanding values & how they relate to color. Learn how to use color to 'show-off" an area. You will walk away with the vital knowledge needed to create paintings that have depth & excitement. Featuring Debra's "Keep You Out of Trouble" palette.



Lesson 3: Palette & Color Wheel

 "Keep you out of Trouble" palette guide. Using these colors, the color wheel & value template PDF, paint your own color wheel while learning to mix colors & match the value of each color. 


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Lesson 5: Complementing with Color

Sunflower Paint-Along. Combine what you learned in the previous lessons about value & color, as well as how much or little detail is needed to complete your painting.



Lesson 7: Make it Simple & Fun

Debra leads you step by step through this fun, bold & colorful sailboat Paint-Along. Pause & paint with Debra step-by-step to completion. Big,Bold Basics started you off with clear basic techniques to achieve strong & confident paintings with clean color & strong value.


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Lesson 4: Design, Don't Copy

Learn how to create a dynamic design. Debra will lead you through the design for a sunflower & together you will carry the design to canvas as you begin a Paint-Along to create a beautiful value painting. 



Lesson 6 : Key Insights & Techniques

Debra will guide you through different ways to hold your brush to get the right effect. Learn her "lay it down and leave it alone" techniques that will keep you from overworking your painting & what types of brushes create the desired strokes.

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Bonus Video: Frame & Enjoy It

Deb shares tips and techniques on how to frame your work.


The Facts

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How the course works...

Once you have purchased the course, you'll be able to access all 7 lessons + bonus video, painting images and downloadable PDF lesson notes beginning January 1, 2018. You will have access for six months plus you can join the private Facebook Group and share your journey with your fellow artists. 

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Is it right for me...

This course is designed for the beginning artist, advanced beginner or art collectors wanting learn more about how art is created. Debra breaks down all the elements and provides the essentials to help you create successful and exciting work. No matter where you are along your painting path, this workshop will help you Paint Like A Pro!

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About Debra...

Debra is an award winning, nationally recognized contemporary impressionist painter known for her vibrant use of color and bold, fluid style. Debra has a special teaching technique for artists which she has been teaching for over 15 years. 


From the comfort of your studio or home...


Step by step paint along for 2 complete paintings while learning what it takes to Paint Like a Pro. Just Facts. No Fluff. No Futzing. No Fiddling. No Fear. 



Your Satisfaction...

You are going to LOVE the Big, Bold Basics course. I've been successfully teaching this workshop (see what my students have to say) for years and wanted to share it with artists who are unable to attend one of my live workshops.  The course comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 15 days of the course opening. Ask and I’ll happily refund course fee. Spend some time watching what I have to offer, play around and enjoy...with no risk.

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