Welcome to the
Flag Challenge


Let's get started.  This challenge includes an 18 minute video. Watch Debra and paint along as she walks you through this challenge. Also included is two comparsions (one grayscale and one color) comparing colors in shadow and light. Enjoy. 

Flag painting references

Here is your free Flag challenge Value Scale 

Flag Collage greyscale.jpg

Flag challenge - Color 

Flag collage.jpg

Color mixing notes:

  • Marine Violet - a muted grey violet. Can be purchased through Debra Huse website  To mix this color, here's the recipe. Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and muted with Raw Sienna. This creates a great dark violet. Simply lighten with white as needed. 
  • Warm White - White plus a small amount of orange. This will warm the white as well as giving a "sun-kissed" warmth.