Art Supply List

Click HERE To Easily Purchase most HUSE supplies from Dick Blick

Online List (important to note that some supplies are recommended and some are required on the Dick Blick purchase list)
Also everything may say quantity 1. Change to 0 if you are not ordering that item.

PAINT colors online Dick Blick Artist Materials -Click the button below for easy purchase.

  • Gamblin Cadmium Lemon Yellow, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Quinacridone Red, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Raw Sienna, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Alizarin Permanent, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Ultramarine Blue, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Viridian, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Chromatic Black, 37 ml

  • Gamblin Titanium White, 150 ml

  • Gamsol by Gamblin - Odorless Mineral Spirits

  • Metal Brush Cleaner ORDER HERE

  • Palette Knife - Dick Blick Style 2

  • Kemper Wipe Out Tool

  • Tombow acid free Brush Markers - three colors of grey (for notans)

Huse Hues Marine Violet - can only be purchased through Debra Huse

Additional Supplies:

BRUSHES: 3 options
Rosemary & Company
offers 2 sets of Debra Huse brushes
PREFERRED_ Debra Huse Basics Set - click HERE to purchase (2 sets would be ideal)
Debra Huse Extended
- click HERE to purchase (not necessary unless you are a bit more advanced. This set includes the Basic set plus a few of Debra’s other favorite brushes)

Alternative Brushes- if not using Rosemary Brushes(These are on the Dickblick list-link in only “Recommended” section)
Simmons Signet Flat, sizes 7, 4 & 2
Simmons Signet Bright, size 4
Zen Brush Series 73/Script

Painting Panels Debra strongly suggests using linen panels vs. canvas panels. Linen is a much better primed surface than canvas panels which draw the oil out of the paint. You will get much better end results with linen panel.

  • Buy at least 3- 6x8 Linen Panels for Paint-Along Paintings per class.

Other Supplies:

  • Tissue (Debra prefers using Puffs ‘tissue with lotion’ from grocery for cleaning of brushes)

  • Clorox wipes (from grocery for clean up of hands and palette)

Art Cocoon Wet Panel Carrier - efficient, economical and compact solution for handling wet paintings with ease

Frames: beautiful and inexpensive frames for your finished paintings

Suggested Pochade/Easel (basically a portable paint palette and canvas holder which goes on a tripod)
Debra Huse uses (and loves) EdgePro Gear’s Paintbook and tripod for both studio and outdoors
EDGE PRO GEAR Discount codes for you to use:

  • DHPBUP2018 - PaintBook Ultimate Package - $25 off- Bigger palette, tripod, -all the goodies

  • DHSBUP2018 - SketchBook Ultimate Package - $15 off- Smaller palette, tripod, -all the goodies

  • DHQPCPB2018 - Basic “QuickPanel Capable” PaintBook - $25 off

  • DHBPB2018 - Basic PaintBook - $20 off

Other Pochade Options to explore, Easyl, Open Box M, Strada, Sienna Plein Air (on Dick Blick list)
or a HALF box French Easel (needs no tripod).